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looking for a long term friendship

Posted by Cassy John - Updated 7 hours ago


Posted by Alex Alex - Updated 21 hours ago

Know Russian and Ukrainian, need to improve English

Posted by Igor Goncharenko - Updated 2 days ago

English partner, where are you? :)

Posted by Anastasia - Updated 2 days ago

Who is interested in English - Russian or English - Ukrainian exchange?

Posted by Aleksandra Yershova - Updated 2 days ago

Learned English

Posted by Maksim Fomin - Updated 3 days ago

Looking for lasting friendship

Posted by Cassy John - Updated 5 days ago

looking for english speaker

Posted by Emily Anna - Updated 1 week ago


Posted by Islombek Azimov - Updated 1 week ago

Looking for English speaker!

Posted by Katrin Vinogradova - Updated 1 week ago

I'm learning German and helping you in Arabic

Posted by Feras Hassan - Updated 1 week ago

Hi to all. would like to present English with a native speaker.

Posted by Viacheslav Kriachun - Updated 1 week ago

About speaking English.

Posted by Michael Liker - Updated 1 week ago

Indonesian who is learning English

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 2 weeks ago

any italian here

Posted by Deepak Gautam - Updated 2 weeks ago

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