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Język Polski

Posted by Michał - Updated 19 hours ago

Wedding Dress Factory Outlet

Posted by emccaddentomas OLIVIER - Updated 1 day ago

does anyone from russia want to be friends?

Posted by inas bayade - Updated 1 day ago

do you speak Turkish or English?

Posted by Aliya Maximova - Updated 1 day ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 2 days ago

Who want no learn Ukrainian?

Posted by Dmytro Baida - Updated 3 days ago

who wants to practice Russian?

Posted by Zımıatova Anna - Updated 3 days ago

Free teacher of programming, ahah

Posted by Ararat Poghosyan - Updated 6 days ago

I hate perfection

Posted by John Sleeek - Updated 6 days ago

Hey! I'm looking for a Skype companion for English

Posted by Valentina Kapustina - Updated 6 days ago

Language learning.

Posted by Julie Cruz - Updated 6 days ago

I would like to learn English :)

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 6 days ago

Loking for a speaker to learn English

Posted by TATYANA Makarova - Updated 6 days ago


Posted by Joanna Opatowicz - Updated 6 days ago

Heey! I'm from Ukraine! Guys, who can help me with English?)

Posted by Olena Lapchuk - Updated 1 week ago

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