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Katya Prymakova 2 yearss ago:

Hi everyone! I wuold like to meet and communicate with new people from over the world and improve my language skill in English. If you think like me, please write me at this site or find me in instagram @klmn_i .I`m learning English for work. My mother laguages are Russian and Ukrainian.


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Privet Katya!! How are you? I want to improve my english to study abroad and also meet new people. My mother tongue is spanish, so if you want to learn a little bit im willing to do it with no problem Smilie. Take care Smilie .

Emanuel Leiva commented 2 yearss ago

Hey Katya, I followed you on instagram. We can meet and talk in english

Buse l. Esen commented 2 yearss ago

Hi Maria, I can help you with English

deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago


I hope you are doing well. Do you wanna make practice in English? Please let me know if you need more assist. I look forward...

deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago

Well, you can contact me if yo uwant

deletedBANNED user commented 1 years ago

Hi Katya, I want to exercise with you.

Sandra Sitek commented 1 years ago

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