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Tatiana Noriak 10 months ago:

I want to practice English and I can teach you Russian or Ukrainian. It'll be interesting


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Hi Tatiana , I want to practice English too a long time ago, but I am little afraid to make some mistakes.... I speak fluenty Spanish and Portuguese, if you are willing to talk to me and have a little practice... just let me know or add me on Facebook , then you would have more confidence.. bye
Contact: Gerardo Rojas H

Gerardo Rojas Hincapie commented 10 months ago

Hi I really want to speak to someone as soon as possible
If you think you can help me please send me and it'll be me horner to talk and chat to you
Thanks a million

Cina commented 10 months ago

Привет, Татиана! Меня зовут Паулла. Я не очень хорошо говорю по-русски. Но я учусь каждый день. I hold a degree in teaching. I don't teach at the moment as my profession, but I have been a part-time tutor for 5 years. I tutor in many subjects, by all-things English is my specialty. I'm looking to chat with someone (writing only for the moment) whom I can practice my Russian with. I'm delighted to teach English in return. All the best!

deletedBANNED user commented 10 months ago

I would love to help you learn to speak and read English, and I am seeking to learn Russian. I have already learned how to write the Cyrillic alphabet except for afew characters and I know how to pronounce around half of them so far.

James Sutton-Baines commented 10 months ago

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