Learning russian with a native speaker

Aneta Meow 11 months ago:

I am Aneta, I come from czechia therefore I am native in czech but also advanced(C1) in English. I am planning to graduate from russian and would love to practice it more with native speakers whose English is around B2 (intermediate).

I can be helpful with czech language if you are interested, learn some basics etc. But also with practicing spoken English, helping with your grammar etc.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,


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Hello)) I can help you with Russian language. And I'll be happy if you could help me with spoken English! Have a nice day))

deletedBANNED user commented 11 months ago

Hello! I could help you to learn Russian language) I would like to practice English

Mary L commented 11 months ago

Hi!, I'm not learning Russian, but I have a B2 level in English. I would also like to practice a bit of English. (Even though this post is 2 weeks old and I may have commented too late Smilie)

James Vilca commented 11 months ago

How are you hope fine?
I am Kristen please write me back at(griestkristy@gmail.com)

KristenBANNED Love commented 10 months ago

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