Heeelp!!! English with native

Kateryna Unknown 11 months ago:

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Kate, I am from Ukraine.
This autumn I'd like to try to pass trial FCE test but I have some problems with my spoken language skills, my English is not fluent yet((
If you do not mind help me, I would appreciate it and I could help you with Russian or Ukrainian.
Thank you in advance.


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Hi priv

Krynio Krynio commented 11 months ago

Not a native, but I can help (b2 level) just send me a message and we can talk through skype or discord.

James Vilca commented 11 months ago

If you want speak and sound like a native speaker you have to learn like one.

Joan Koro commented 11 months ago

How are you hope fine?
I am Kristen please write me back at(griestkristy@gmail.com)

KristenBANNED Love commented 10 months ago

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