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Spanish -><-Deutsch

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 5 months ago

Szukam pomocy w nauce Angielskiego

Posted by Krynio Krynio - Updated 5 months ago

help me to learn chinese

Posted by punit pandya - Updated 5 months ago

I want to learn English! I am Russian native speaker:)

Posted by Анастасия Валерьевна - Updated 5 months ago

Looking for a partner

Posted by Anna Kowalska - Updated 5 months ago

for English speak

Posted by onur - Updated 5 months ago


Posted by anis muze - Updated 5 months ago

Let's Improve speaking skill together and reach a native level.

Posted by Mahmoud Youssef - Updated 6 months ago

Mahmoud Youssef

Posted by Mahmoud Youssef - Updated 6 months ago

Learn spanish

Posted by Deva Reddy - Updated 6 months ago

Меня зовут Лера

Posted by Lera Kubrak - Updated 6 months ago


Posted by 成绩修改174896257 成绩修改174896257 - Updated 6 months ago


Posted by Miłosz Kowalski - Updated 6 months ago

ı must learn englısh and ı can teach turkısh.is there a girl for help me?

Posted by cgdmgrsy cgdmgrsy - Updated 6 months ago

Sup! Let's go talk!

Posted by Kirill Li - Updated 6 months ago

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