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Russian partner

Posted by Sebastian - Updated 2 days ago

English partner for imporving skills

Posted by Ali Sharifi - Updated 2 days ago

I am looking for someone to teach me Korean...any takers?

Posted by Ely Sungmin - Updated 3 days ago

Edinburgh Korean English Chiness

Posted by jiseon jo - Updated 3 days ago


Posted by Alexandr Salnikov - Updated 3 days ago

I want to learn Russian and I'll teach you English

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 4 days ago

I need help with English =)

Posted by Maria Shaginova - Updated 4 days ago

Hello, trying to learn Russian, need help.

Posted by Patrick Ash - Updated 4 days ago

I can help you with Ukrainian or Russian

Posted by Roman - Updated 5 days ago

Someone to speak in russian, I'm learning and I kinda need practice

Posted by Sebastian Ramis - Updated 5 days ago

I want to learn Englis

Posted by Yura Zhikharev - Updated 5 days ago

I'm looking for a Spanish speaker

Posted by Olena Hanaza - Updated 5 days ago

Intersting english conversation

Posted by Serg VS - Updated 6 days ago

I want to practice English and Italian language

Posted by Ksenia Zyryanova - Updated 6 days ago

Guys, I wanna practice English and meet interesting people!

Posted by Malika Gafar - Updated 6 days ago

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