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Help me with English :)

Posted by Elizabeth Koren - Updated 7 months ago

I want to practice English and find new friends from all over the world)

Posted by Dmitriy Phil - Updated 7 months ago

Learning french

Posted by Ahmed Abdallah - Updated 7 months ago

English - Russian

Posted by Yuriy Melnychuk - Updated 7 months ago

Help me with English)

Posted by Sasha Popov - Updated 7 months ago

Searching for someone who can help me with English practice.

Posted by Danil Nikitin - Updated 7 months ago

Pomoze ktoś w nauce niemieckiego? ja znam polski

Posted by Agnieszka Gruszka - Updated 8 months ago

My turkısh for your englısh.Can someone help me please?

Posted by Adem Gürsoy - Updated 8 months ago

Help me to talk English

Posted by Cina - Updated 8 months ago

I really want to learn English

Posted by Marta Przybysz - Updated 8 months ago

learning French, exchange Mandarin or English

Posted by Eva Ying - Updated 8 months ago

I really want to speak English

Posted by Magda W - Updated 8 months ago

Хочу изучать английский

Posted by Lera Kubrak - Updated 8 months ago

Make a new connection

Posted by Cina - Updated 8 months ago

practicing English

Posted by Mahmoud za3balawy - Updated 8 months ago

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