i want to talk to someone who can help me speaking in english

Hansika Verma 11 months ago:

i want to converse in english


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Hello, ! I am Aashay, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with you. As a language enthusiast, I have a strong passion for helping others achieve fluency in English. Language has the incredible power to bridge gaps and foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.

Having honed my own English skills over the years, I understand the challenges that come with learning a new language. I have experienced the frustrations, the moments of uncertainty, and the gradual progress that eventually leads to fluency. Through my own journey, I have developed effective strategies and techniques that can help you gain confidence and proficiency in English.

looking forward to connect

Aashay Ram commented 10 months ago

Hello, Aashay. I would like to imrove my English too. If you're interested - please text me. Maybe I would be helpfull for you too.
Best regards

Andrii Khomynets commented 5 months ago

Hello I speak English fluently and would love to help. Smilie

Julia Brown commented 4 months ago

hi Hansika, i would be happy to help. i need a break from trying to learn German

Michael W commented 4 months ago

Greetings from Earth I'm looking for a partner either. If you are still looking for someone I'm online Smilie

Ilgın Polat commented 2 months ago

Hello Hansika,I can be your partner and help you learn to write and speak English fluently.

Rodah Ogunniyi commented 2 weeks ago

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