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Help me with English please!

Posted by Maksym Kolesnyk - Updated 3 hours ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 17 hours ago

English.German.french.italian please!

Posted by Uljana Popovich - Updated 17 hours ago

Turkish in exchange for Russian or Ukrainian

Posted by Uljana Popovich - Updated 17 hours ago

Разговорный английский

Posted by Аня Романова - Updated 20 hours ago

I want to learn English

Posted by David Zaluzhny - Updated 23 hours ago

Why I learn English and Spanish

Posted by Dima - Updated 23 hours ago

English for Russian

Posted by David MacCallum - Updated 1 day ago

Who will help in learning English?

Posted by Igor Potapenko - Updated 2 days ago

I will help you with the Russian, and you tell me with English.

Posted by Евгений Чернов - Updated 2 days ago

I will teach polish for english

Posted by Magda Pełka - Updated 2 days ago

Want to practise English

Posted by Anna Rozum - Updated 2 days ago

I`m from Russia and I can help you with learning it.

Posted by Diana Romanova - Updated 2 days ago

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