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Rozmowy Polsko-Angielskie

Posted by Krynio Krynio - Updated 7 hours ago

Why did you choose your target language?

Posted by Scrabbin - Updated 2 days ago

Mandarin/English exchange via skype

Posted by Wilson - Updated 3 days ago

I want to practice in English and can help with Ukrainian or Russian

Posted by Volodymyr Gunko - Updated 4 days ago

Hallo Leute

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 4 days ago

I need to improve my German or Spanish I can teach Italian

Posted by georgiana galiussi - Updated 4 days ago

wer kann Deutsch?

Posted by Sergey Morya - Updated 4 days ago

English - Russian

Posted by Mariana Popovychenko - Updated 5 days ago

How to speak “Rain Check” in Chinese---Daily Online Mandarin

Posted by LingoYes CIIC - Updated 7 days ago

I can improve your Polish

Posted by Martyna - Updated 1 week ago

Who wants to talk??:)

Posted by deletedBANNED user - Updated 1 week ago

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