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Looking for someone who'd help me in learning German.

Posted by Sanidul Islam - Updated 7 minutes ago

I hâte perfection

Posted by Cassy Sleek - Updated 1 week ago

Tandem Italienisch -Deutsch/English

Posted by antonello deutsch - Updated 1 week ago

I want to learn German and improve my English

Posted by Gökberk - Updated 2 weeks ago

English for Russian or French

Posted by Harry Luk - Updated 1 month ago

Looking for a English speaking partner for practice.

Posted by Mehak Shehzadi - Updated 1 month ago


Posted by Jose - Updated 2 months ago

I’m interested

Posted by Cassy Sleek - Updated 2 months ago

Want to find someone to practice English

Posted by Dmytry Kovalchuk - Updated 2 months ago


Posted by Cassy Sleek - Updated 2 months ago

Are girls in Russia really discriminated in schools and colleges?

Posted by Daamu Tiwari - Updated 2 months ago

Learning through Speaking

Posted by Nim L - Updated 2 months ago

Basic Russian Practice

Posted by Alexandra Vallecillo - Updated 3 months ago

Indonesian for Arabic

Posted by Susi Fauziah - Updated 3 months ago

Looking to practice French

Posted by Hassan Youssef - Updated 3 months ago

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