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Basic Russian Practice

Posted by Alexandra Vallecillo - Updated 5 days ago

Indonesian for Arabic

Posted by Susi Fauziah - Updated 6 days ago

Looking to practice French

Posted by Hassan Youssef - Updated 6 days ago

For everyone who wants practise English

Posted by Denis Muydinov - Updated 6 days ago

I'm here!

Posted by Courtney Gardner - Updated 6 days ago

From french speaker

Posted by abdelfattah akkour - Updated 6 days ago

Russian speaking club

Posted by Ksenia P - Updated 6 days ago

There's no much active on this forum, let's make some!)

Posted by Антон Грейвер - Updated 3 weeks ago

English for Mandarin if someone can help

Posted by Vonnell Jarrell - Updated 3 weeks ago

Fluent in Dutch and English want to learn Chinese Mandarin

Posted by Mila Hun - Updated 3 weeks ago

I hate perfection

Posted by Cassy Sleek - Updated 3 weeks ago

I can teach Chinese in English , want English speaking partners

Posted by Prince Arvi - Updated 1 month ago

Need Korean Language Partner

Posted by Shruti - Updated 1 month ago

I hate perfection

Posted by Cassy Sleek - Updated 1 month ago

Seems like I have absolutely forgotten English. Can help with Russian

Posted by Venera Isaeva - Updated 3 months ago

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